Announcing the Alpha Release of Lurk

Announcing the Alpha Release of Lurk: A Powerful Zero-Knowledge Proof Language #

Introduction: #

We are thrilled to announce the alpha release of Lurk, a groundbreaking zero-knowledge proof language designed to revolutionize the way we approach privacy and security in the blockchain and beyond. Lurk is a LISP-based programming language that allows developers to create succinct proofs of computational integrity while maintaining unparalleled privacy features. This release represents a significant milestone in our quest to make general-purpose zero-knowledge proofs accessible and practical for a wide range of applications.

What is Lurk? #

Lurk is a cutting-edge, Turing-complete programming language built specifically for zk-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). Traditional zero-knowledge proof systems require compiling computations into flat circuits, which can be both complex and limiting. Lurk overcomes these constraints by allowing programs to be provided as data to the universal Lurk interpreter circuit, which is integrated in a recursive proof powered by Nova. This enables the language to be Turing-complete without dealing with very large circuits. Lurk is designed to offer a more efficient and secure way to create, verify, and use zero-knowledge proofs in various applications.

Examples of what you can do with Lurk: #

Succinct Proofs of Computational Integrity: With Lurk, developers can create succinct proofs of arbitrary computations, allowing for verification of complex operations without revealing any sensitive information.

Functional Commitments: Lurk enables the construction of functional commitments, which are cryptographic commitments that allow for efficient evaluation of a committed function over specific data, without revealing the data or function. This can be useful in a wide range of privacy-preserving applications, from credit-scoring to private smart contracts.

Resources: #

To help you get started with Lurk and explore its potential, we’ve prepared a variety of resources:

  • Lurk Language Specification: Gain a deeper understanding of Lurk’s design and features with our comprehensive language specification.

  • Audit Report: Review the results of our extensive security audit to learn about the resilience and robustness of the Lurk language.

  • Pre-print Paper: Dive into the technical details of Lurk with our pre-print paper, which provides an in-depth explanation of the language and its underlying principles.

  • Introductory Blog Post: Get a high-level overview of Lurk and its potential applications with our introductory blog post.

  • lurk-rs: The Lurk reference implementation. lurk

  • fcomm: A CLI tool for creating and proving openings of functional commitments using Lurk. fcomm

  • clutch: The Lurk supertool – bleeding edge experimental REPL supporting fcomm operations and best (but potentially most volatile) user experience. clutch

Conclusion: #

The Lurk alpha release marks an exciting new chapter in the world of zero-knowledge proofs. We encourage you to explore the resources we’ve provided and experiment with Lurk to see how it can enhance your projects and applications. We look forward to your feedback and are committed to continuously improving Lurk to better serve the needs of the community.